Sista's Revenge - Lori Jean Grace

Sista's Revenge

By Lori Jean Grace

  • Release Date: 2016-01-04
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 174 Ratings


Michelle was just another kid growing up in the hood. Then life got hard. After her parents died, her older brother—a gangster himself—took good care of her. But the street life killed him. She was twenty, scared, no skills, and had a score to settle.

You’ll be thrilled by the un-put-down-able action! You’ll root for Michelle and her friends! You’ll be deeply satisfied with the results! There’s plenty more on the way!

Charlie’s Angels meets the hood – three friends struggle building a better world.

A fun fast-paced Action Adventure Thriller of a street smart woman assassin who takes the law, and control of her life, into her own hands:

Adult Audience – Action – Sexual Situations – Violence – Strong Language – Reader discretion advised.

All the books in the Michelle Angelique series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

Michelle is certain of three truths:

1. She will get her revenge.
2. She won’t let friends be hurt.
3. Good sex is not everything, but a girl’s gotta get her swerve on.

A Qualified Predator, A Real-Life Kick-Ass Hero

Can you imagine having a true friend who always has your back – no matter what?

Michelle is a woman who will stand up and get even whatever the cost. You can count on her to deal with strong men – in and out of the sack – on equal footing. She’ a hero who doesn’t take any crap and sees through the games others try to pull. In the end, she knows what battles to win and when to come back for another day.

Is that someone you would like to know?

Yes? Then Sister's Revenge is for you!

Work, Excellent Sex, and Revenge are Good Bedfellows

Like great sex, good men come and go, but don’t mess with a woman’s family or friends. Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged. Best friends Michelle, Deja and Nikky get revenge on the thugs and no-count boyfriends while proving good friends are the life support they all need.

Michelle paid the price for revenge, up front. She trained for stealth in the jungles of Vietnam, honed her martial arts skills in Bangkok, and mastered sniper precision deep in the Thailand countryside. But the revenge business is not an easy business. The gangsters are mean, their bosses dirty, and the cops are the worst of all.
Can Michelle get the revenge she needs and help her friends when troubles come their way?

How can she protect her friends from abusive relationships and take care of her own life?

Come find the answers to these questions in this fast paced excitement-packed urban action adventure thriller set on the streets of the hood – you’ll love the results.

More to come!

Sister's Revenge is Book 1.

Get Even An urban action adventure thriller dealing with the ramifications and repercussions of a successful Sister's Revenge. Somebody has to take control. . .

Baller Down In this urban assassin thriller Michelle and friends take on, and take down, the top dog. It’s not easy. . .

Ho’z Hope Freeing Sex Slaves. Danger at every turn. . .

Strike Back Death Star of Star Wars meets The Hood.

Precious Cargo An International Event.

Bad Shot It’s not all good in the hood.

Baby Daddy, Sneak Attack, and many more.

If you are a fan of Jack Reacher, J.A. Jance’s Joanna Brady, Robert B. Parker, Paul Levine, or Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, this series is for you.

If you enjoy African American Urban books by G Street Chronicles, Mz. Lady P, or Tynessa you’ll love the Michelle Angelique series.


  • Awesome

    By Mayrical
    Kept me interested from beginning to end.
  • Sister’s revenge

    By Willcoz
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Michelle is such a dope check.
  • Great read

    By Ice 72
    Great read!
  • Sis reven

    By nalaboo01
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book can't wait to read the others!!!
  • Love

    By dhawty
    Can't wait for the next book
  • loved

    By Hotgirl88
    loved this book
  • Quick pace, great day read!

    By Nori B
    I enjoyed the book.
  • Good

    By LeishellNèt
    Very good and interesting book
  • Awesome Book

    By MsKitten6579
    I like the happy ending with Michelle's friends.
  • Entertaining, captivating...

    By Blanq Butterfly
    This is book has a different story line than you would have expected from the title and being urban fiction. Truly great book. You'll be engrossed from the beginning. I would recommend reading when you want to escape from reality because you will be completely drawn in. Love the characters.