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The Purpose Driven Life

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  • Release Date: 2016-01-10
  • Genre: Study Aids
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The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review
The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review
The Purpose Driven Life is a guide to spiritual development according to evangelical Christian values and teachings. The Bible instructs Christians to think of the world as a temporary situation and prepare for eternal life in heaven. Humanity was made in God’s image to share his love.
There are five purposes for life, which begin with fulfilling God’s pleasure. Every person is planned for the pleasure of God, so doing what humans were designed to do and performing these acts as worship fulfills God’s pleasure…
This companion to The Purpose Driven Life includes:
• Overview of the book
• Important People
• Key Takeaways
• Analysis of Key Takeaways
• and much more!


  • Fine Summary of the book!

    By Musiclover2072
    The summary is accurate as far as the actual book goes. I have read the book and sadly I did not really enjoy the actual book or what Reverend Warren said. However Eureka books have done a fine job of summarising the book to give the reader an idea of what the book entails. The Eureka books are a great way to review a book before you actually purchase or read it. Warrens book of 481 pages was just way to long and repetitive. However Eureka books was a fine summary.
  • This book is really good, I loved it

    By Sherka47
    Rick Warren is a well known speaker and author and he always has just the right words to get into your heart and mind and make you really thinkg about things. I really personally enjoyed this summary of his book titled "The Purpose Driven Life." We all have a purpose in life and that purpose is first and foremost to glorify God, then all the other roles we play, mother, father, sister, daughter, etc, should all be fulfilled with the one thought and goal of glorifying God. This summary says it much better than I ever could.
  • Complete guide

    By Silentdarkness19
    This is a guide on how to live more fully, and more purposefully, as an Evangelical Christian. There are five reasons to live, with none taking precedent over the rest. 1- To please the Lord. Anything that pleases Him is a form of worship. Being mindful of Him, acting with thoughts towards Him, no matter how mundane the action, is a form of worship. 2- To be a member of a faith community. Smaller groups are particularly favoured. 3- To emulate Jesus and adhere to the tenets of the bible, to learn the bible, and to resist the temptations of Satan. 4- To serve. Everyone has their own set of skills that are to be brought to service of the ministry. Much of the book goes into what it means to serve. 5- To minister to unbelievers. This is also covered in detail in this book.