Crisis of Character - Gary J. Byrne

Crisis of Character

By Gary J. Byrne

  • Release Date: 2016-06-28
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 4
From 668 Ratings


In this runaway #1 New York Times bestseller, former secret service officer Gary Byrne, who was posted directly outside President Clinton's oval office, reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton's character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the First Family in CRISIS OF CHARACTER, the most anticipated book of the 2016 election.


  • Crisis of Character

    By American987
    A must read for those who would question the results of the 2016 election. Written by a brave American who had seen enough of the deceptions and 'cigar parlor' politics of the Clinton political company.
  • Revealing Read

    By Dacougz
    Shocking fact based look at our Presidency. Both great and horrible Presidents. Corruption by a few corrupts All!
  • Byrne Bragging

    By Arieliondotcom
    All of the controversy about this book and Hillary is a publicity stunt. There is VERY little about her in this book. Google Byrne. He keeps republishing the same book over and over and chooses a tasty bit of bait from controversy of the day to lure you to buy it (including lies about new material from previous issues). I knew all that (having researched the book & Byrne on Google) but buy these bodyguard books (like the one about the bodyguard in love with Jackie Kennedy) to hear their stories in general. So anyone writing this is a "hatchet job", etc is a liar who never read the book. And anyone writing about how it exposes so much about Bill and Hillary is a liar who never read the book. I personally waited until after the election so it wouldn't influence my vote just to make sure. That said, there's irony as Byrne mentions security issues and we think of Hillary's emails but other than that, ::Yawn::. So if you're looking for an exposé on Hillary, save your money. This has more about Bill and Byrne is actually annoyingly cordial about him out of respect for the office of the Presidency. Only buy this book if you want an often boring autobiography about Byrne bragging about Byrne. If you're looking for him to "burn" Hillary you'll only burn your money.
  • What Crap!

    By Joldenbu
    Excitedly bought this expecting a scathing expose on the Clinton political machine, which I loathe! Especially Hillary. This piece of garbage turned out to be a self promoting, "I was better than everyone around me" pile of drivel. Although I applaud the author for his service to our country, he should be ashamed for using the current political environment to promote this crap.

    By Tngator69
    I can't say enough about this book. Extremely well written and man, pure insight from a man who "was there for it all". This book helped me piece together all of the news stories, plus eliminates the false hoods that we were told. The purchase price is at a discount from what you receive. Great job!
  • The truth about crooked Hillary

    By jajcb
    Gary Byrne is a brave man to share his experience in law enforcement including his time as a secret service agent assigned to protect the president. His frank description of life in the White House during the Clinton presidency is one we've heard from various other White House staff who've come forward to tell their stories and it's consistent...lies, corruption, rude, condescending and pathological behavior. And they've only become more brazen and corrupt as they've continued to plague our country. I have no respect for Bill or Hillary and pray they will never be elected to ANY position of power in this country again. Hillary is a corrupt deceitful person who will stop at nothing for her personal gain. Her and Obama's lies about Benghazi and failure to attempt to rescue our Americans stationed there is despicable. I hope America wakes up to defeat this evil woman. Oh, a family friend who is currently a secret service agent has said the same thing about Hillary...that she is the rudest and most unpleasant, hot tempered person he's ever been assigned to protect.
  • The Clinton Mafia

    By connor_6
    I was referred this book by a friend of mine who shares a similar conservative perspective. I was not disapointed. This book has some SERIOUS DIRT! Becuase I was not born until the second term of Bill’s presidency I didn’t know much about the Clinton’s other than the Monica scandal. Gary does a great job of displaying who the Clinton’s really are and how they go about their business. The information that Gary shares is so unbelievably disturbing. If you or anyone you know has had any thought of voting for Hillary in this election PLEASE refer this book to them. The Clinton’s failed to do their duty in The White House for two terms, do not let them do it again. We cannot let the Clinton Mafia ruin this country! BUY THIS BOOK
  • Are You Kidding Me???

    By K.Griner
    Another book for idiots! You've either got an axe to grind or you needed the money. I could tell right off this was going to be grossly exaggerated: I went to basic in 1981, just reading the description of AF basic training made me laugh… What an exaggeration, where the hell did you go for basic, a USMC annex? What did you "rig" in basic training? You qualified once on the M-16, and that was idiot proof...this chapter describing Air Force basic training sounds psychopathic...I finished reading the book but you lost me in the first chapter, everything after that was suspect. "Didn't drink correctly – people died. Didn't wear our uniform correctly – people died." It just sounds kind of wacko... Air Force basic with a cakewalk and we didn't "Rig" anything, nobody talked about dying....CAKEWALK! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😑 What the heck? REFUND PLEASE
  • Crisis of Character

    By MG Hohensee
    I was very impressed with this book. I had the same emotions the writer had just from reading his emotions. I would get so boiling angry with the way the Clintons operate and hopes that we do not go through this once more. People need to open their eyes and see clearly what the Clintons stand for corruption. I pray for this country and hope the people make the right decisions for this country or we will see this country go to hell!
  • Crisis of Character

    By Military Retiree Wife Dee
    Excellent Gary Byrne, in your honest exposition of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I salute your bravery in telling the "real" story. A must read for everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike.