The Amulet Thief - Luanne Bennett

The Amulet Thief

By Luanne Bennett

  • Release Date: 2015-10-17
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 170 Ratings


Fitheach blood doesn’t just run through the veins––it’s a binding contract that can never be broken.

Alex Kelley vanished twenty-one years ago––the night her mother was murdered. When she comes home to New York City, she wants just two things: a little peace, and answers about the unsolved murder and why she was abandoned in the middle of America at the age of eight.

Greer Sinclair, an enigmatic stranger who knows a little bit more than he should, just might give her both––and more if she’ll let him.

What is she?

What is he? 

Who is this beguiling satyr who keeps coming between them? 

She attracts the otherworldly like moths to a flame. And why does every stranger on the streets of Manhattan want a piece of her and that pendant hanging around her pretty little neck?

Maybe the answers are in a peculiar shop in the heart of Greenwich Village where ghosts, memories, and secrets are bursting from the walls and the books and the one person who knows her best. 

The line between the mundane and supernatural worlds is starting to blur. Which side will she choose? Which would you? 


  • The Amulet Thief

    By Lover of fantasy /mystery
    Mesmerizing story line. Loved the characters especially Greer,but he was very puzzling. Had a very hard time putting the book down to accomplish other tasks in my realm . Can’t wait to devour Blood Thief.
  • New reader

    By Abudail86
    I don't usually read books but downloaded this one to start. I sure am glad i did. The book was amazing n kept reading longer than i wanted sometimes. Written in a beautiful way n really makes u use your imagination.
  • Bad language - I quit reading

    By seekerbee
    It may have been a good story, but I gave up by chapter 4. Put off by bad language.