Starlight - Adrienne Woods


By Adrienne Woods

  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 48 Ratings


In the Fifth and final part of the Dragonian Series, eighteen-year-old Elena Watkins and her dragon, the Rubicon, need to find the missing ingredients in order to free her father from Etan.
But what could the missing ingredient be?
And will she be willing to sacrifice her life if they don't find it before time runs out?


  • Ignorant author, poor storytelling

    By LB123454321
    So many face palms. The writing jumps chaotically between tenses and perspectives, and often feels like the incoherent ramblings of a drunk teenager. I would say it's derivative, but a storyline would need to be complete to even give it that credit. I have a headache from trying to follow the story between unnecessary drama. Not to mention the implausible protagonist - she's unlikeable, spoiled, inarticulate, selfish, thoughtless, and braggadocious. Lastly, the author displays frequent use of blatant racial bias, exotification of people of color and indigenous peoples, and the glorification of ignorance. #notwoke
  • Each book gets better

    By ReviewZev
    You can really see how the author excels in each book. I couldn't put them down. The first book was intriguing but each book progressively got more and more addicting. Thank you for the awesome series!
  • Love love ❤️

    By Kstewart82
    Amazing. Sad to see it end... great writing, great plot and amazing love story!
  • Good plot- bad grammar spelling and more

    By Avidwattpadreader
    Book 1 was good! Book 2 was good! Book 3 was manageable but spelling and grammar was hard to get through. I should have learned but I was already invested in the plot line so I took a risk and bought book 4.... huge mistake. Now I must get thru this plot line of a book that has obviously never seen a editor and appears to be written by a teenager, because I spent money on it. Again great plot, and I feel that if the author took as much care with book 3 &4 and she did book 1 it would have been a great series.
  • Could have been good if not ruined by drugs

    By John Frosted
    Very Harry Potter-Ish until the author thought it was a good idea to solve plot problems by bringing drinking, drugs and smoking into it. That and the secrets that were continually talked about but never resolved made what could have been a good yarn frustrating to read. The overall story wasn't that bad, it was all this contrived cheaply defined drama that went on and on that ruined it.