The Becoming Beauty Trilogy Boxed Set - Brittany Fichter

The Becoming Beauty Trilogy Boxed Set

By Brittany Fichter

  • Release Date: 2016-12-01
  • Genre: Fantasy


Even if Beauty and the Beast find love . . . will Evil let it last?

A beastly man who is powerful but deeply flawed. A crippled beauty possessing a secret strength. Can they save the kingdom… and each other? And if Beauty and the Beast do find love, will Evil let it last? Follow Beauty and the Beast not only through the curse but through their journey across these three beloved fairy tales to find their happily ever after.

Prince Everard was raised to be a warrior, but after the death of his father, his entire life has fallen apart. Unsure of who he is and unable to cope with the pain, Everard makes a choice that puts both his Fortress and himself in great jeopardy…

Isabelle wishes she could be rid of the prince and his unruly temper. But when Everard summons the merchant’s daughter to help him break a curse, she wonders if the prince is the beast she always thought him to be. As she moves from resentment to acceptance to affection, she discovers the sheer joy love can bring… as well as the utter devastation of loss. 

And what if the forces of evil are bent on destroying Ever and Isa's chances of ever finding a happy ending?

The Becoming Beauty Trilogy Boxed Set is a collection of three novels with unique takes on Beauty and the Beast as they travel through their own story, The Princess and the Glass Hill, and Hansel and Gretel. These are also the first three books in the Classical Kingdoms Collection. If you like complex characters, rich stories, and sweet, passionate romance, then you’ll love Brittany Fichter’s captivating retelling of three beloved classics. 

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