Mixed Up - Emma Hart

Mixed Up

By Emma Hart

  • Release Date: 2017-04-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 42 Ratings


Dirty cocktails, deadly enemies with a red-hot attraction, and one big, crazy, Greek family--what could possibly go wrong?

Hiring my brother’s best friend was not on my to-do list.
Neither was he.
Expanding my dirty cocktail bar into food was supposed to be easy, except finding a chef in my little town of Whiskey Key is anything but.
Until Parker Hamilton comes home—bringing his Michelin starred chef’s hat with him.
He has no work. I need someone like him in my new kitchen.
There’s just one problem: I hate his cocky, filthy-mouthed, sexy-as-hell guts.
Even if I might want him. Just a little…

Working for my best friend’s sister? Not on my to-do list.
She’s another story.
Whiskey Key was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, except I haven’t reached the heights I have by lying in a hammock drinking cocktails. So when Raven Archer is desperate for a chef, I offer up my skills.
I’m bored. She needs what I can give her.
Except there’s a problem: I’ve always hated her.
Her and her big, blue eyes, sassy mouth, and killer curves.
If only I didn’t want her.


  • Emma Hart is a master at sexy, fun, and sinfully sweet romance...

    By Kristie Koste
    Mixed Up By: Emma Hart 4.5 Star Review by Kristie K Emma Hart is a master at sexy, fun, and sinfully sweet romance with decadent humor, and incredible characters… Mixed Up is another wonderful example of the fun, flirty, and hilarious writing style of Emma Hart. The cheeky quips, quick wit, and playful banter the characters share is classic and never gets old. Raven Archer is a strong heroine, independent, saucy, and strong willed. When she expands her bar to include a restaurant, the only thing missing is a chef. Her area of Whiskey Key doesn’t have many to choose from, and when push comes to shove she may just have to choose the one man she can’t stand to save her… Parker Hamilton is a Michelin star chef, and best friend to Raven’s brother. Back in Whiskey Key for vacation, he offers his services to Raven to help her out, despite their mutual hate for one another. Little do they know that their dislike for one another may turn into something more passionate than what they ever thought possible. As with every Emma Hart novel I’ve had the pleasure of reading, this book has it all. A gorgeous cover, a blurb with a definite hook, and a story to keep you reading. Ms. Hart’s talent for fun, flirty, sweet and sexy is evident in every page, and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. Kristie K
  • Sassy,Sexy,Awesome

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    Parker Hamilton is the thorn in Raven Archer's side, the pain in her backside, the fly in her ointment, the, well, you get it. Suffice to say that he doesn't float her boat. And, as far as Parker is concerned, Raven is his best friend's pain in the neck sister, a necessary evil in his relationship with Raven's brother, Ryan. But when Raven's big crazy Greek family descends upon her bar for an extended family reunion, Parker may be the only answer to her making it through without losing it. Emma Hart has got the romantic comedy trope down like a pro. Snark, sass, witty repartée, I know that I am going to get a healthy and entertaining serving of all of these things every time I open one of her books, and it's exactly what keeps me coming back, time and time again. Raven made an appearance in CASANOVA, the first of Emma's books set in Whiskey Key, FL. I knew from that first glimpse that she was going to be a firecracker, and couldn't wait to see what Emma had in store for us with MIXED UP, Raven's very own story. To say that Raven is a strong woman is an understatement. She can more than hold her own, and takes no prisoners, whether it's running her bar, Dirty, dealing with her large and hilarious Greek family, or exchanging zingers with Parker. I liked Parker from the minute that he showed up in the story. He can more than handle Raven, and reading their interactions is a little bit like watching a tennis match. The back and forth is non-stop, and left me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. And, then, there's his pure sexiness, PLUS, the dude can cook. Like, 3 Michelin stars cook. Raven is nobody's fool, and knows a good thing when she sees it. When she ends up needing a culinary whiz to run the kitchen at Dirty, she only has to think about it for a minute to see that, no matter how much Parker infuriates her, she's not about to let him leave and take his chefly abilities with him. And, you know what you get when you put two fiery people in the same kitchen, right? Sparks are flying before the dust settles, and soon the two of them are lighting fires of their own. MIXED UP is a fun, sassy, and satisfying read. It's an easy 5 stars for me, and one that all Emma fans must read. And, although there are characters from CASANOVA here, MIXED UP is a standalone, and doesn't depend on the earlier book to entertain the heck out of you. But wait, there's more! Emma has included recipes for the awesomely named drinks that Raven serves at Dirty, so, not only do you get a must-read story, you get to drink some scrumptious concoctions while you read. This one's a no-brainer; add MIXED UP to your TBR and get the good times rolling.
  • Cocktails, crazy family, and love are a great combo!

    By Kleenex2213455890
    “Then this curveball happened. Now, I’m forced into spending more time with him than I’m truly comfortable with, and every time he switches that dumb little smile onto me, I’m not gonna lie, I get…tingly. I’m a woman. I have needs. I also have feels, and these feels are effed up.” This book! I don’t know how Emma Hart always pulls me into her stories and makes me want to be a part of the worlds she creates. I seriously find myself laughing out loud, crying, and having way too many feels for one story. This is yet another one of those books. Parker and Raven have been fighting for years. Both are accomplished in their careers, share mutual friends, and are full of clever comebacks. The minute that Parker begins his tenure in Raven’s bar… well, let’s just say “sparks flying” isn’t a strong enough phrase. At every turn they seemed to be fighting one another, disagreeing about something, or just generally causing the other some level of discomfort or annoyance. I loved every minute of it! Raven’s family is AMAZING! I love how they’re all busybodies, but they mean well. Also, it was interesting to see Greek culture added into a book. I’ve read a lot of fun families, but this one is unique. Also, the cocktails featured in this book sound delicious! I found myself highlighting many of the ingredients so I could suggest them to the drink mixing friends! This is a great story. It made me laugh, drew me in, and it made my heart feel full. I’m glad I finally got the chance to read Raven’s story. A definite must read.
  • Amazing and Full of Sexual Tension!

    By T & G Book Boutique
    Casanova is my favorite book ever so when I heard that I was going to get more of these characters I was beyond thrilled about it. I was going to get the story of the sassy owner of a bar who mixes drinks like no other. I was so excited for this book! It was making my heart race just reading the teasers. Emma Hart gave us her all in this book because it was sizzling with sexual tension and attraction. I felt it burn inside me and I wanted there characters to crash into each other, and SOON. Raven and Parker have known and hated each other their whole life. It has always been this way for them, but when Parker comes back home something changes between them. They have grown up. Raven has expanded her bar to include a new restaurant and she needs a chef. Here comes Parker, the amazing chef, strolling back to town, but Raven refuses to hire him. She goes through resumes and interviews but no one is qualified and she has no other choice. Parker, is not only her number one enemy, but he is also Raven's brother best friend. Will this situation work out or will it go up in flames? I am in love with Raven. She is everything I love in a female character. She is strong, independent, bossy, and knows what she wants. She's worked hard her whole life and she is a force to be reckoned with. I am in love with her! Raven will bring down anyone who stands in her way, and Parker, well he's in her way a lot. Parker is just such an arrogant man! He drives me insane just like he drives Raven crazy. It was that which attracted me to him and made me want him. He is so cocky but amazing with his words. I loved everything about him. Mixed up gives us sparks, banter, and flat-out passion. Emma Hart always packs books with so much perfection that you can't help but love the stories she creates. I love that she also gives us glimpses of other characters and I hope we get all their books! I am in love with this town and these characters and I will always want MORE.
  • A great read!

    By MegM927
    5 Stars Mixed Up is another fantastic rom-com by the fabulous Emma Hart! I don't know how she does it, but let me say that you will not only be laughing hysterically, but will be sucked into this story and never want to come back out. “I don’t care if Parker Hamilton is Michelin-starred or has a fast-track to Heaven. He’s not working for me. I’m not that desperate.” Mixed Up was everything I hoped it was going to be and more. Raven and Parker absolutely hate each other. Like not even able to be next to each other type of hate. To make matters worse Parker is Raven’s brother’s best friend and a top-notch chef. So when Raven is having a hard time finding a chef for her bar, Parker steps up to help her for the summer. She doesn't know whether to be grateful or if she's made the biggest mistake of her life. When sparks start flying between them and you can cut the sexual tension with a knife, how will Parker and Raven deal with these new emotions? Will they both give in to them? Or will it fizzle out before it even truly begins? “I didn’t know if it was a warning from my subconscious or some screwed-up dream designed to torture me and admit that I maybe had the slightest crush on Parker Hamilton. As long as he kept his mouth shut and had a paper bag over his head.” I freaking LOVED this book. From the witty and sarcastic characters to the storyline. It had everything you'd come to expect from a Hart novel. Raven was funny and feisty and Parker was sexy and had the dirtiest mouth! Their banter and chemistry was off the charts crazy and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I cannot wait to see what's next for Ms. Hart! This word sums it up their relationship perfectly- Mamihlapinatapai: (n) a look shared by two people, each wishing the other would initiate something they both desire but which neither wants to begin.
  • Such a fun read! I’m ready to have some drinks!

    By linzreadz13
    This was such a fun read! I loved being thrown back into Key West, Florida! Brett and Lani making cameos was one of my favorite parts! This was such a fun frenemies to lovers romance story. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer! I’m not ready to leave these characters. An amazing mixologist, Raven, mixes with a hot as heck cook, Parker! What could go wrong? Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that he’s her brother’s best friend and they have battled each other for over 20 years. When Raven must do the last thing she wants to, hiring Parker to work for her, in order to add a food menu to her popular bar, sparks and sassiness fly! Parker and Raven’s relationship had my laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Then I’d turn right around and need to fan myself off from the tension and hotness! Parker is such a cocky, sexy, jerk! He meets his match with Raven though, she is just as snarky and hard headed as he is and won’t back down from a challenge. I love the way that Emma writes these kinds of characters. She leaves me wanting more almost every time! How long can hate really last though? Especially when you work together and have a fun yet a little crazy Greek family in your face as well. If you’re in need of a laugh, go grab not only this book, but Casanova too. Only if you’re ready to fall in love with this characters just like I did and laugh your butt off while you do it.
  • Review: Mixed Up

    By @LisaHines711
    Mixed Up by Emma Hart is a standalone contemporary romance that takes place with the same people we read and loved in Casanova. An enemies to lovers story that made the return to Whiskey a little perilous, not for the reader, but possibly for Parker Hamilton. Raven is the owner and mixologist at her bar, Dirty, in the heart of Whiskey Key, Florida. Having recently renovated to include a fully functioning kitchen. All she needs now is the chef to make it work as she planned. Unfortunately, Whiskey Key is running extremely low on the talented chef population and since her brother (a chef) bailed on her he offered up his best friend for the job. Never mind that Raven and Parker have hated each other since she was practically in diapers. Parker is back home in Whiskey Key for the summer. When the opportunity to help out Raven comes across he isn't sure why he offers to help - they've always hated each other and he would prefer to stay in the land of the living and not the focus of one of her rages... These two - Oh My God!!!! Raven was so beside herself that she started feeling anything at all for Parker. She was lying to herself as much as she was everyone else in her family and friends circle. Parker on the other hand could practically see it happening between them and was helpless to stop it and reluctant to label it. But he didn't deny it quite as vehemently as Raven did in the beginning. Their story is funny, moving, HOT and the peripheral characters (all of Raven's family in for the reunion plus the circle of friends they both share) were entertaining as always making for a well-rounded story with meat to the story and not just a blase romance story. LOVED IT! ENJOY!
  • I love Raven!

    By Lexy H.
    ​ **4.5 Stars** Oh man, I knew I was going to Raven's story after we met her in Casanova, I just didn't realize how much I was going to love her. She is this amazing spitfire that had me laughing out loud multiple times while reading this. It was amazing. It was the book I needed to read and I'm so glad I did, because it was perfect. Raven has one enemy in life, her brother's best friend Parker. When she finds herself needing a chef for her bar Dirty, she doesn't want to ask Parker, but when the pickings are slim and her crazy Greek family is coming to town, she has no choice. Will Raven decide her hate for Parker is all hate or more love? Parker is on sabatical after winning three Michelin stars at the restaurant he was working at in New York. After finding himself in Whiskey Keys, living with his parents and enjoying harrassing his best friend's sister, Raven. Torturing Raven is something that has always brought Parker joy, their relationship is to the point of hate, but when Raven finds herelf in need of chef for Dirty, Parker helps her, but she has to give up full control of her kitchen, to him. Oh man, Parker and Raven are two of my favorite Emma characters to date. They have something about them that had me loving them and I couldn't help but laugh over ther relationship. There is nothing more than a hate to love relationship I love more and this one didn't disappoint. Watching Parker and Raven act on their feelings was perfect and I couldn't help but love them.
  • Sexy and Sassy - the perfect mix!

    By Fairest Reviews
    Boy does Emma Hart have a flair for creating heroines who are sassy, “sharp-tongued” vixens – women who know how to dress guys down with just a few words and a venomous stare! And, I would go as far as to say that her newest heroine, Raven Archer, just might be the sassiest of all Hart’s female leads because she uses her sarcasm and her wit as a shield, as a control mechanism, allowing her to hide her true feelings behind her stubbornness as well as her snark and man oh man can Raven bring the scathing words – ones that knock her adversary down a few notches and makes him rethink going against her hot temper. But there’s one opponent that willingly riles Raven up and pushes her buttons just enough to force her acidic words and ill-mannered gestures, and he’s been the bane of her existence since childhood, and even though they haven’t seen each other in three and a half years, Parker Hamilton easily falls back into old habits with Raven, aggravating her with his cocksure attitude and jackass antics but also filling her filthy mind with tempting images that definitely cross the line between mortal enemies not to mention the fact that Parker’s supposed to be off-limits because he’s Raven’s brother’s best friend. The sexual tension between Raven and Parker is off-the-charts from the very beginning of their story, which begs the question if all of their mutual disdain as kids transformed into underlying desire for one another as they got older and now that they reconnected as adults, their feelings of frustration actually translate into feelings of desire and the temptation to act on those emotions may be too much for them to avoid. Mixed Up is a fast-paced and hilarious enemies-to-lovers story that oozes sexiness on every page…right down to the names of drinks Raven mixes at her bar, Dirty. And even though there’s a bit of drama – most of which is created by Raven herself – there’s really nothing angsty about the situations that occur in the story because the way it’s written and the type of characters Raven and Parker are as well as the gaggle of family members that descend on Whiskey Key keep a light-hearted feel even in the most complicated parts. 4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
  • Once things get shaken, not stirred...

    By TracyKalvin
    Mixed Up is another sassy book from Emma Hart. Sassy ladies, sexy men, and refreshing stories are her niche, and Mixed Up is a perfect example of that. Raven and Parker are like oil and water. The don't mesh well. Then everything gets shaken- not stirred and there is a whole new light cast over the duo. Raven and Parker are one of Ms. Hart's hottest couples yet. The chemistry that pulls the two together is hot, sexy, oh so steamy. Raven is independent, different, and such a fun heroine. Parker isn't lacking at all, and the banter between the two is hilarious. A highly recommended, joyful, 4.5 star read.