Destroyed - Kira Johns


By Kira Johns

  • Release Date: 2017-01-25
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 117 Ratings


The men of the Satan's Rebels MC are all of this, and more.

So who do you turn to, when you’ve lost everything?

Jade Moore has ceased to exist. Betrayed by the man sworn to protect her, she finds herself thrust into the world of her late father’s enemies, wishing for a death that never comes. 

But out of the darkness comes a man more terrifying than the men holding her, more cold than the cell she’s called home for the last four years. His low voice promises salvation, but in a world of demons, can Jade trust the Devil himself?

In a darkened world, she is his only light.

Viper’s reputation speaks for itself. A cold, ruthless killer whose sole allegiance lies with the Satan’s Rebels MC.
Infiltrating the enemy’s camp was easy, but safeguarding his heart is proving to be harder.
With one glimpse of dark hair and emerald eyes, Viper feels something he hasn’t felt in years… alive.

He swore he’d keep her safe, but when his own demons catch up to him, will Viper be able to keep his promise, or will they both burn for his mistakes?


  • WOW

    By Chfdfjkb
    This book is packed with action! Edgy, dangerous, AND romantic! I love it!
  • Had me hooked!

    By BeautifulMess44
    This book was intense and had be hooked from the beginning. Reading how Jade fought through her torment and allowed Viper to comfort her through out. It wasn’t overly sexualized but had just enough to keep you wanting more!
  • Wow!! Great read

    By Lindzjuel03
    I loved this book. The story line between jade & viper is exciting. I love how they are able to help each other heal through the pain and able to bring joy to each other. I was not able to put this book down. I just had to see what happened next. I can’t wait to see how there story develops.
  • Lame

    By Bluedoggy72
    Same bikers, same rape and violence.
  • LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!

    By Raelynn8869
    I can’t wait to see how this ends with jade, viper and the mc.
  • Destroyed

    By K24stall
    This was a great book! Couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!
  • Destroyed

    By RTM0929
    Kira Johns writing ✍️ leaves you wanting to keep turning the pages. This book is suspenseful and sad, it draws you in the first book and won’t spoil the first book, but I’ll tell you this I can not wait to read the next. Read the first in one seating, couldn’t and wouldn’t put it down. Happy reading peeps!
  • Too violent

    By Noriinny
    I enjoy MC books but this was too much. How can she be chained to the rafters and punched and kicked so much that the group of men beating her have to take breaks because they were getting tired from their efforts yes she's still conscious? I know brutally is part of the MC lifestyle (in the books anyway) but try to keep it realistic. If only I could find another MC book that could come close to Nine Minutes I would be forever grateful. That trilogy was not only the best MC book I've ever read, I think it's one of the best romance books I've ever read.
  • Risqué

    By Casey Etta
    This spiraling vortex will have every nerve ending tingling and leave you wanting more.
  • Destroyed by Kira Johns

    By Blaz3nh0t
    At first I was put off by this book. The beginning was really dark to say the least. But the characters pull you in. Jade, the heroine of the story, is strong. She’s a survivor. Then you have the two men who love her, Viper (her savior) & and Shadow (her first love). Both strong alpha males. Even though it did leave a cliffhanger😕....... I HAVE to find out what’s next.