30 Pages To Make You Happy And Stress-Free - Ajay Anand

30 Pages To Make You Happy And Stress-Free

By Ajay Anand

  • Release Date: 2017-02-02
  • Genre: Philosophy
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Now-a-days stress and depression is becoming increasingly common and so many people are living stressed and depressed lives. They are all overburdened by the expectations and growing needs and demands of life. Life is not as simple as it used to be decades ago, life’s dimensions has become large, people demand tons of things like tons of recreational activities, high education, full pride and ego of status, heavy show-off, tons of entertaining stuff and so on. And even slight loss of such things and other petty issues create havoc for people and they become very upset and nowadays growth of diseases and job related stress has also become an issue for people which makes them very upset. And as Buddha said ‘Desire is the root cause of all evil’ and as also has been said ‘Craving is the root cause of suffering’ these quotes have become reality in today’s world.

But what if a simple book of just 30 pages could make you get rid of this whole modern world menace and make you happy, blissful and stress-free in just one read of half hour no matter how sad and upset you are and no matter whatever the reason for being so is, that would be amazing and most awesome, no?

So here it is, first time ever, the book for which everyone would have been dying to read, a book to make you happy, blissful and totally stress-free no matter how upset you are and whatever your reason for being so is and you just need to spend half hour on it as there are just 30 pages. So read it once daily and you will surely have a nice, jolly day.

This revolutionary book guarantees to relieve you from all mental agony and makes you happy and blissful and it takes just half an hour to read it, so just read it daily and your day will be fine, you won’t have to bother about stress and depression again.

This book is substantially long and contains some metaphysical analysis of life which is not at all vague and not at all cumbersome to understand, and which is simple and clear reality, all of which will clear all your negative thoughts instantly which cause mental pain and make you happy and stress-free and also reduce your extra hunger and craving for materialistic things all of which makes you restless and tensed and create problems for you. This book explores science of life and our reality and will surely give you solace and hope if you are very disturbed and upset about the misfortunes of life.

So you won’t have to run again for heavy cumbersome and superficial stuff like meditation, spirituality etc. to become happy and stress-free, just this simple revolutionary book is enough to make you happy and stress-free in the world where happiness and bliss is so much precious and difficult to get.

So enjoy this mind-blowing masterpiece of mine and don’t forget to say thanks!


  • What did I expect from a free book?

    By fortitudo113
    This is very poorly written. Redundant and unhelpful.