Serial Killer Case Files Volume 3 - Robert Keller

Serial Killer Case Files Volume 3

By Robert Keller

  • Release Date: 2017-05-01
  • Genre: True Crime


18 Shocking True Crime Stories of the World’s Worst Serial Killers. Included in this volume;

David Carpenter: Known as the Trailside Killer, Carpenter turned the hiking trails and beauty spots around San Francisco into his personal killing fields.

Catherine Wilson: This Victorian poisoner might have gotten away with four murders, had she not decided to change her venom of choice – to sulphuric acid!

Kieran Kelly: A deadly tramp, Kelly employed a unique method of murder, pushing people under tube trains. 
William Fyfe: The “Killer Handyman” beat, stabbed, strangled, and burned to death nine Quebec women between 1979 and 1999.
Francisco de Assis Pereira: Known as the “Park Maniac,” Pereira raped, tortured and murdered 11 young women in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Israel Keyes: An extremely cunning individual who is considered by the FBI to be the most meticulous serial killer in history.

Tommy Lynn Sells: For 20 years he traveled the country, killing at will, until the courage of a ten-year-old girl brought him to justice.    

Mikhail Popkov: Police officer with a deadly sideline in murder and necrophilia, Popov inflicted unbelievably horrific mutilations on his victims. 

Plus 10 more, rivetting true murder cases. Scroll up to grab your copy now.