Reliving Fate - Natasha Preston

Reliving Fate

By Natasha Preston

  • Release Date: 2017-06-23
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4.5
From 103 Ratings



When Bella stumbles upon her dead sister’s diary, she sets out on a mission to find her sister’s killer, but it leads her to the wrong side of town.

And right into the path of Rocco, a loner, a bad boy, who is determined to keep her away. After all, you protect your own, and Bella certainly doesn’t belong with the likes of him.

But it’s hard to move on when you’re chained to the past, and Bella is intent on getting justice for her sister…even if it’s at the cost of her own life.


  • Bittersweet

    By Wynter7Sash
    I could not put the book down!! Such great writing. However, I really hate how much I bawled in the end. I was really looking for a happy ending and in the end I wind up hating Bella for her stubbornness.
  • Amanda fisher

    By Tkdgirl152
    From the first book "the cellar" I knew Natasha Preston would be an author I really liked. None of her books ever disappoint. It's not often I cry reading but this ending, particularly the last sentence, had me choked up fighting back tears. I will forever miss Rocco. He was one of the best boyfriends I have ever had.
  • Love/mystery💕 what else could you ask for?

    By Lesliee💕
    It was a very good and interesting book and it always kept me on my toes because I had no idea what to expect next, but not gonna lie I did cry my eyes out at 4 am when I reached the ending. 😭💓 Overall it is a very good book with a good mystery and a fantastic love story and also with a very unexpected ending at least for me, but it is a book that will keep you busy and keep you entertained for a while so I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for something new!
  • Amazing

    By ayoung06
    This book is such a good story. I fell in love with the characters. Which is why I cried my eyes out when I skipped to the end to sneak a peak at the ending. Natasha Preston might as well ripped my heart out. The character are so sarcastic and funny and you can’t help but fall in love with them. One of the best stories I’ve read by this author.
  • Another amazing book by Natasha

    By st6392
    This book keeps you going through the whole thing. It is a roller coaster of emotions and is absolutely incredible. My heart is full emotions for Bella and it hurts me to ever even think about losing my fiancé like she lost Rocco. The love they have for each other is amazing. I highly recommend this book to all.
  • Such an amazing book.

    By Tay🌊
    I really loved it from beginning to end. I finished the whole book in two days, I adore Rocco and Bella’s relationship. They truly had something real despite the little fighting, but that’s just how they are. They were meant for each other. I did cry at the ending, I always end up crying everytime I read one of Natasha Preston’s Books. They are so powerful and meaningful. I get so attached to the characters and how they are and it hits me hard when something happens. I recommend reading this and every other one of Natasha Preston’s books, She is a amazing Author. Definitely my favorite ever.
  • Great book!

    By Aw282a
    Never been so upset about a book ending in my life! Love all of your books please keep them coming!
  • one of my favorites !

    By Janine_Bradshaw
    Absolutely love this book, it really touched my heart. It had me laughing along and also crying. Natasha never disappoints and I can honestly say I will be re-reading this book again♥️
  • Amazing!

    By Marey R
    Natasha Preston is an amazing author. I couldn’t stop reading this book, just like all of her other books.

    By halpal63002
    It had me on edge the whole time!! I’ve never read a book so fast in my life! THANK YOU for being an AMAZING writer!!! Please keep making stories like this!!!