The Little Prince - Le Petit Prince English-French Dual Language Edition - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince - Le Petit Prince English-French Dual Language Edition

By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Release Date: 2017-08-20
  • Genre: Foreign Languages
Score: 5
From 17 Ratings


The Little Prince in French and English for Children and Readers of All Ages

Revisit the charming tale of the Little Prince, the well-loved story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Now presented to you in a French and English dual language format by leading French language learning website, fall in love with the story all over again while you improve your French language skills. 

Perfect for All Readers---Both Young and Old
Introduce the love of stories to the next generation of readers by sharing this timeless tale with young readers. The Little Prince is perfect for sharing with the entire family: children will adore the lovely fairy tale that the story is wrapped in while older readers would appreciate it for what it truly is---rife with thought-provoking allegories and metaphors that will change the way you look at life. 

Written in Parallel Text to Boost Comprehension
Each paragraph is written in both French and English---first in French, followed by its English equivalent. You can also read the story in French only or in English only: perfect for bilingual children whether native French or English speakers!

With Audio to Improve Your Listening Skills
The story is recorded in two ways---an English version narrated by a native English speaker, and a French version narrated by a native French speaker. The audio is designed as a perfect supplement to help you learn the proper French and English pronunciation and improve your listening skills while you’re enjoying the story. 


  • Wonderful book! 👏🏻

    By Erissya
    I am just starting to learn the French language, that is why I appreciate books like this one. It is perfect for beginners as it is both enjoyable and educable! I will refer back and forth to both French and English texts to see which word is which word, so everytime I read this book, I will learn new words. Additionally, it is an audiobook and that is a major plus. Besides just reading, I can hear right away if I am pronouncing a certain word correctly. Therefore, a tremendous book for French beginners and those who are just seeking entertainment. I 100% recommend.
  • One-in-a-million

    By Bravo1138
    "Le Petit Prince" is one of those stories that are truly unique in literary history. The author truly succeeds at imparting a moral lesson through the tale. It also happens to be very droll. "The grownups are certainly very odd" is the recurring theme, which is a strange thought indeed for the young prince. In the end the narrator connects with the reader through the journey. This is a great version to collect. The translation is top-notch, presenting both English and French. The reader also receives audio in French and English. A real bargain!
  • Good story, good resource

    By Moosenwolf
    I loved this book and the story it told. It was delightful tale of the prince, and the language seemed to match with the story being told. The narrators were excellent and comforting to listen to, and having both languages in manageable chunks were well placed and simple to understand. Beautiful story and good resource.
  • Outstanding!

    By Darian Abels
    I absolutely love this version of The Little Prince, which is a great story in and of itself. The story is in both French and English, and there is an audio in both languages. Each chapter is broken into paragraphs, switching back and forth between French and English, and the audio is broken up by chapter. Because the book is broken up into pieces like this, I am able to sit down with my kids and work on our French together. My kids, in particular, loved the English audio because they were able to follow along as the narrator read the story. I'm looking forward to the day where they can do the same with the French audio. In regard to the audios in general, their pace was easy to follow in both French and English, although I will admit to replaying a few pieces so I could work on pronunciation. It was truly exhilarating to recognize the words as they were read to me. This is such a great way to learn.
  • The Little Prince English and French

    By MinaKnoxDNA
    I really enjoyed this story. I chose to listen to it in English and then listen to it again in the French version because it helped me get a better grasp of what was going on in the story as it progressed. I found it really exciting to be able to indulge in the story in more than my native language because I felt that it opens up the story to a bigger group of diverse cultures. In the future I think when I find stories to listen to I will find more like this one that allow me to discover more than one version by changing the language I listen to it in.
  • Great book

    By Theayueyue
    Love this book. This book is a great tool to learn French, reading, listening, and speaking. It consists of audio of both English and French, text of English and French. Each chapter contains two languages audio (not very long, like 5 min), which is perfect for listening to in the spare time (driving, doing house work, etc.) and easy to catching. I just finish the first chapter, when I use it, I listen English audio first followed by French and then listen to French version again while read the French text. It really helped me learning French, of course, in a interesting way. Will keep use this book, and definitely recommend to my friends.
  • Excellent book

    By tinewalp
    Le Petit Prince / The Little Prince dual language learning ebook is an amazing way to simultaneously read a book in English and in French. Each chapter is paired with an English audio option as well as a French audio option. While reading the ebook text, every other paragraph is narrated in French. For example, I can begin reading the text in English, and before moving on to the second paragraph I can read the first again in French. It is an excellent way to strengthen French or English reading and pronunciation skills. I highly recommend the ebook for anyone interested in strengthening their skills!
  • The Little Prince

    By DeliaBall
    I really enjoyed The Little Prince. I like how I had both the audio version and the book version to choose from. I choose the book version and enjoyed the fact that it started in French, and then gave me the English translation underneath it. I found it very helpful in my quest to learn French.
  • “Excellent Dual Language Story"

    By jc6713
    I enjoyed reading the ebook, “The Little Prince,” French/English version. The French translation was provided next to every English paragraph. Placing the translations in paragraphs made the story easier to follow. This ebook would be suitable for an intermediate or advanced student. I am a beginner at the French language, and found it difficult to translate certain verbs and understand their conjugations. Nevertheless, I did learn some new words and began to understand sentence structures better. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their reading comprehension of the French language.
  • Wonderful Story

    By Ocea87
    Loved the book. I read it in Russian a few years ago and I thought it was such a beautiful story that teaches us, people, so many important lessons. I enjoy reading books in the original language if I know it. This book is structured so smartly that you can read it in both English and French and even listen to the summary in both languages as well. I think it’s such a great idea that helps work on and improve both English and French. If you want to read this story, definitely read this book.