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Coriolanus (No Fear Shakespeare)

By SparkNotes

  • Release Date: 2017-11-07
  • Genre: Study Aids


Read Shakespeare’s plays in all their brilliance—and understand what every word means!
Don’t be intimidated by Shakespeare! These popular guides make the Bard’s plays accessible and enjoyable.

Each No Fear guide contains:

• The complete text of the original play
• A line-by-line translation that puts the words into everyday language
• A complete list of characters, with descriptions
• Plenty of helpful commentary

Shakespeare’s late tragedy about the Roman leader who ascends to power has much to say about politics, leadership, and government that still applies to our world today.


  • Side-by-side does NOT appear in this play

    By Romethesecondtime
    The main reason to buy ‘No Fear’ is the side by side feature. I have bought about 10 of these, and this is the first one for which the side by side does not work. The modern version appears after the end of the original version scene by scene. I also tried a Kindle sample and it doesn't work here either. Just for Coriolanus. I had to buy the paperback version. I should get my money back for this failed iBook version. D