Blaze - Willow Summers


By Willow Summers

  • Release Date: 2017-11-14
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 16 Ratings



All the girls call me Blaze. I set panties on fire. I'm damn good at what I do.

With all the money pouring in, I’m going to ride this gig as long as possible. 

But I’ve always got time to help out a friend. 

So when my girl-bro Janie is in trouble with rent, I figure I’ll do the right thing and move in with her. Why not? It saves me money.

The problem is, when she starts wandering around in her under-roos, something occurs to me that hasn’t before: Not only is she awesomely sassy, she’s a scorching hot little number.

Suddenly the move doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Not if I want to keep my sanity while trying to keep my hands to myself.

* * *


Dave is rolling in money. Why he wants to come slum it with me, I have no idea, but whatever. It saves me money. I’m not worried about it.

Besides, his unorthodox career is awesomely taboo. If I only had as much money as he did, I’d pay for a night with him. You know, just to say I’d done it. 

There’s another thing he fires up in me.

My desire to paint…him. Nude. And hard.

But he’s off-limits. Hookers can’t be in stable relationships. It would never work. 

If only my muse, and my desire, would line up with my logic.


  • Janie and Dave

    By Caseface28
    Janie is still a hoot, but I think Dave gives her a run for her money. Blaze is a quick paced, fun read.
  • Must Read

    By Izzie_055
    Save and Janie’s story is a must Read! Full of crazy emotions and a HEA that warms the heart
  • The Perfect Story

    By Books4Kat
    The second book in the Big D series with this crazy crew was as great as the first one but brought out even more for me. Janie’s independent I got this attitude and Dave’s sweet caring side made for a perfect story. I laughed and even cried a little reading it. I really felt like it was the perfect book. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • Love this new series so hard (pun intended)!!!

    By Trudy Lynn
    Janie and Dave. I did not know how much I needed this book! In the last book we come to know Janie as an abused, closed off woman, on the verge of breaking. In this book she lets her hellfire free! I relate so well to her character because she will kill a beeyacht if they try to hurt her friends but does not take her own advice to heart. She is talented, strong willed, shy and yet very venomous & extremely sexual. She knows what she wants and just reaches out and gets it when it comes to her sexuality, not so much when it comes to her art. She has no self-esteem when it comes to her paintings, sharing them with the world, or even just her friends. Dave is the male version of Janie but more sensitive. Together it is role reversal and yet two sides of the same coin all at once. Dave also will do anything for the people he cares about but is too soft when tough love is really needed. Dave will stand on a mountain top to tell the world how amazing Janie is as an artist, lover and friend but he cannot be so vocal when it comes to his heart. I am usually all about opposites attract but I have to admit this is so much better! If you are a fan of Colleen Hoover then you will fall in love with Willow Summers. She always writes strong female characters, even when they don’t appear to be at first. Her stories always make you laugh, take you on an adventure, seem too unreal and yet realistic all at the same time, help you heal, have all the feels and of course they are hot, hot, hot with sexy as sin alpha males who get crushed by the woman in their lives who dominate them! Willow Summers is one of my go to authors and she did not disappoint! Love this new series so hard (pun intended)!!!
  • Crazy, yet fun story!!

    By Kdoster83
    If you haven’t read Thunder yet (what are you waiting for?!) then here you’ll meet Janie and Dave aka Blaze. This can most definitely be read out of order but the back story may help you learn a bit about our main girl. Who is fun in a super crazy way! She’s not your normal chick which intrigues everyone around her, including Dave. Enter drama from his past with his mother and her past with her ex and mother - you’ve got an intense story and no assurance for them. But plenty of love which will make you have to read to find out what happens with these two!!