Need You Now - J. Kenner

Need You Now

By J. Kenner

  • Release Date: 2018-02-13
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 25 Ratings


No bartender is a stranger to female attention.
I’ve got a cocky grin, confidence, and I can mix the perfect martini.

But there’s only one girl I want.
Mina Silver.

I’ve spent years imagining how she’d feel in my arms.
Fantasizing about the things we could do in bed.
Wanting to break all the rules.

Because even though sparks fly between us every time we touch, she’s off-limits.
She’s my best friend’s little sister, and there are rules, after all.

But I can’t take it anymore … and damn the rules, I’m going after the woman I want.

Who’s Your Man of the Month?

When a group of fiercely determined friends realize their beloved hang-out is in danger of closing, they take matters into their own hands to bring back customers lost to a competing bar. Fighting fire with a heat of their own, they double down with the broad shoulders, six-pack abs, and bare chests of dozens of hot, local guys who they cajole, prod, and coerce into auditioning for a Man of the Month calendar.

But it’s not just the fate of the bar that’s at stake. Because as things heat up, each of the men meets his match in this sexy, flirty, and compelling binge-read romance series of twelve novels releasing every other week from New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner.

“With each novel featuring a favorite romance trope—beauty and the beast, billionaire bad boys, friends to lovers, second chance romance, secret baby, and more—this series hits the heart and soul of romance.” — New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Each book is a STANDALONE romance with an HEA and an overarching story about the friends and the bar. Totally hot and utterly binge-worthy!

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Hold On Tight
Need You Now
Start Me Up
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In Your Eyes
Turn Me On
Shake It Up
All Night Long
In Too Deep
Light My Fire
Walk The Line


  • Enjoyable read

    By Kambie07
    It was nice to hear from Kim and Noah. Oh and Damien and Nikki. Nice cameo! I liked this story. But the dialogue seemed a bit stressed. It didn't really flow. But it wasn't a huge hinderance on my review. I was a bit saddened with the trip to LA. I think Mina should have done it. But that wasn't what was written. I was a bit concerned with Mina's attitude toward Cameron. She was a bit standoff-ish. She didn't really seemed to want a relationship. But luckily that was squashed.
  • Cam's the man

    By Waiting to be fixed
    This is the third of story in the Man of the Month series and it is an entrancing read with characters that just envelop the reader from the beginning. Cam has been in love with his best friend’s sister, Mina, since they were young but she never looked at him twice. Mina has always been focused on her career and getting out from under her overly protective father and older twin brother. Cam has kept his feelings in check because he did not want to endanger his friendship with his best friend and possibly ruin his relationship with Mina. However, something is changing between them ever since the Mr. February contest. After some liquid courage and a harrowing experience, the two are thrown into re-examining their feelings towards each other. Is Mina willing to give up on her dreams of making it in Hollywood? How will Mina’s brother react when he finds out that Mina and Cam are a couple? Will Cam uproot his life to follow Mina? This is a very well written storyline with the added bonus of some beloved characters crossing over to add some additional spark. I am eagerly looking forward to the next installment! I volunteered to read an advance copy of this book.
  • Loved Cam and Mina!

    By Mom's Cooking The Books
    I was anxiously awaiting Cam and Mina’s book as there have been subtle hints of his attraction since book one. Little did I know that he has been harboring these feelings almost as long as he has known Mina. Cam has been promoted to assistant manager at The Fix on Sixth, the neighborhood hot spot that is hosting a Man of the Month competition for a calendar they are doing to help raise money to keep the establishment from going under. Cam was in close competition but was aced out of the February win for Man of the Month. He didn’t have any intentions of entering the March contest, but at the prodding of his best friend Darryl and his twin sister Mina, who he has a serious crush on, he decides to enter. Cam has a sad back story, but he has really done well for himself. He has won scholarships for college and he is currently working on his doctorate! He is not only gorgeous but smart! Mina is Darryl’s twin sister and he is very protective of her. He was born first and healthy, but Mina was a preemie and had a rough start her first few years, but growing up she caught up except her size, she is petite. Their mom left, and they were raised by their Dad and he is also very protective of her. Her dream is to get a job in Hollywood as a director. She has her master’s degree in film and media production, so her stint as an intern on the Fixer Upper show that’s also filming at The Fix on Sixth will only pad her resume, not to mention, she just got a job as an assistant to the VP of a production company in South Austin. An innocent touch Mina gave Cam set the wheels in motion for the attraction to ramp up and after a few drinks and liquid courage took over, the passion was ignited! Wholly hotness they have chemistry. Cam is wanting to out them as a couple, but Mina wants to keep it on the down low. Will their relationship become public? Can Cam confess to Darryl that he is dating his sister? Who wins Man of the Month for March? I’m not going to spill the beans! You are just going to have to read it and find out for yourself. This was a terrific addition to this series and it just continues to keep me enthralled.
  • Review: Man of the Month 3: Need You Now

    By @LisaHines711
    Need You Now by J. Kenner is the third book in her new 12 book Man of the Month series. Told in dual POV this is the brother's best friend/best friend's little sister love story of Cameron Reed and Mina Silver and the series story arc of this larger group of friends efforts to save their favorite bar, The Fix on Sixth. Cam and Mina have known each other since grade school. He spent much of his childhood with both Mina and his best friend, her brother, Darryl. Cam has harbored feelings for Mina for almost as long as he has known her but has never once acted on them for multiple reasons. He doesn't want to jeopardize the friendship he has with Darryl and he is afraid she won't reciprocate. Mina is getting some strange vibes coming from Cam lately and they are causing all kinds of new reactions in her body. After his stunt on stage at the February Man of the Month competition she is aware of just how well defined his abs are and he's starting to give her the impression that he likes her. Worried about her career and what a relationship could do to hamper it, she is hesitant about getting involved with Cam. But after a few drinks one night the liquid courage allows them both to explore their sizzling chemistry. Can they enjoy each other, keep their goals for the future and not alienate Darryl? Well-written and well-paced, this was another great read and I'm excited with how each of the upcoming characters are gently weaved into the plots in earlier stories without being obtrusive to the current story. Enjoy!
  • Enjoying this series!

    By 12toot
    I am really enjoying this Man of the Month series. I enjoyed Cameron and Mina’s story. They are just a very nice couple, with more spice but not a lot of angst and darkness in their backgrounds. That’s not to say that they’ve had it easy or have some issues personally or professionally. This was a very easy read. Some stories are hard to get into, whether it’s the subject or way it’s written, but J Kenner has a way of writing that doesn’t seem forced and has a great flow.
  • another good read in this series

    By Christine Miller28
    Another good story in the man of the month series! Cam is Mina's brother's best friend and has always wanted Mina. When Mina shows an interest in Cam that she hasn't before, he takes a leap of faith. I loved watching these two fall hard for each other and realize that they wanted to be together and compromise is the most important thing. I loved that we got to catch up with some Stark characters in this one, too! Nikki and Damien make an appearance and so do Noah and Kiki. It was another good read in this series.
  • A Yummy Addition to the Series

    By ShellyReyn
    "Your playing a dangerous game, baby. Because I swear I'm on the verge of taking you right here, propriety and job security and our secret be damned." I have really been enjoying this series! First Reece and Jenna. Then Spencer and Brook. Now we hear the story of Cameron and Mina - and we have a new Man of the Month crowned! Cameron Reed has loved Mina Silver in secret for years now. Growing up together as close as siblings, and the fact that she is his best friend's sister, means hands off. He's got it bad, and everyone can see it but her. When a simple offer to walk her to her car turns in to his opportunity to show her how he feels, and leads to a night that is better than he ever imagined, is it all too good to be true? Can he safeguard his heart, knowing that he doesn't fit in to her plans? Or, can he be her new plan? Mina Silver never saw Cameron Reed as anyting more than a friend. Until that night. An innocent touch changed everything. When a kiss turns in to so much more and the switch is flipped, she knows this isn't permanent. It can't be. She has plans - big plans and she needs to focus. Can she chase her dream and still keep Cam? Or will she have to choose? And who will be Mr. March? You'll have to read to find out.! I love a good "friends to lovers" story! I also love surprise appearances by characters from other series (hint, hint)! Can't wait for book 4!
  • So good

    By Ddgoldbergs
    Loved this book! Smart and beautiful, Mina is determined to thrive at her career. Will family and friends help her achieve her goal or will a certain someone try to block her dream? Cameron has his future mapped out. His work ethic is strong but his feelings for shattering intense. J Kenner has built a outstanding series of stories all revolving around a bar. Clever and witty, each book tells a story. A story that will make your heart melt and your body feel all tingly good. Need You Now has an awesome cast of characters and a fantastic storyline. I highly recommend reading this and the other Man of the Month books. Trust me.
  • Thank God for Bourbon

    By Embell0830
    I'm loving where this series is going. Mr. March, Cameron, falls under the romance category of falling for your best friend's "little" sister. Cameron is the all around good guy, sweet, caring, with sliver of alpha when it comes to the bedroom. Cameron has loved Mina from affair and Mina is now just developing these romantic feelings for Cameron. In the end they have some stuff decisions to make about live and love and making it all work. This book, just like number two seemed short, I flew through it, but I don't think it needed to be longer than it was. The cameo from Damien Stark is a perfect fit to the series because with out Damien these characters may have never come to be. The connections and bonds that already exist between the main characters of the entire series and the ones being created and/or strengthened through this series are what makes it so great. There is this giant integrated world of characters that just keeps getting bigger and better. There is a little bit of a setup to Griffin's book which comes later in the series. One thing I did find perplexing is Mina's brother Darryl is described as being over protective; however, he's trying to set up her up with guys, usually over protective brothers want to hide their sisters from the world, especially from men. I don't think we've ever seen M/M from the author, but I would love to see a M/M or maybe a M/F/M with Darryl as the lead male.
  • Hello Cam!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    The Man of the Month series all started when the local bar called The Fix on Sixth's loan was called in. Tyree, the owner, trusted the wrong guy to finance the start of the bar and now this guy wants the loan paid off in full or lose it. Employees and friends do not want to see the bar close. Long time friends, Jenna, Reece and Brent jump in to invest in the bar and come up with ways to raise money and bring more customers in. Jenna comes up with the idea to hold a Calendar of the Month contest for the public to choose each months model for the Calendar as a way to bring in more customers. In the second book, Jenna was able to secure a tv series based off the renovations of the bar and highlighting the Calendar of the month contest. In the third installment of the Man of the Month series we get Cam an Mina's story. Cam is the newly appointed weekend manager. Mina is the sister of Cam's best friend and the intern for the tv series. Since Mina has been spending so much time at the bar for the show, Cam's crush has gone into overdrive. Mina has big dreams of making it in the entertainment industry and longs to move to LA for her big chance. One Cam finally makes his move, Mina has to decide what's more important. Her big break or Cam. Cam came off pretty laid back and almost shy in the previous books. It was a great surprise to see him go all alpha on Mina. I'm enjoying this series and seeing all the characters find their other halves. It was a nice surprise getting to see Damien and Nikki Stark in this book as well as Noah and Kiki. ARC provided by SocialButterfly PR