Bring Him Home - Karina Bliss

Bring Him Home

By Karina Bliss

  • Release Date: 2018-04-16
  • Genre: Military


The power of love, the courage of one angry widow, and the soul-deep wounds of an honorable man combine in this heartfelt second chances love story by award-winning author Karina Bliss.

A medal doesn't make you a hero...

Former soldier Nathan Wyatt had no choice but to leave his army buddy to die, a secret that's still tearing him apart. Two years on, he's in Hollywood prostituting his war medal for work as a bodyguard to the stars when his best friend's widow drags him home to fulfill his neglected responsibilities to her family trust.

When he discovers Claire can't forgive her late husband for breaking a crucial promise, Nate sees his path to salvation. He'll be his buddy's advocate, secure Steve's place in his wife's memory.

The last thing he intends is to find himself in a love triangle with his dead best friend. Will admitting the truth - all of it - set him free, or alienate the woman he's come to passionately love?

"And Ms Bliss has done it again! This series just rips at my heartstrings and makes me smile and tear up sometimes all at once" The Book Pushers

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