Yellow - Book Two - Ava Claire

Yellow - Book Two

By Ava Claire

  • Release Date: 2018-04-25
  • Genre: Contemporary


"Will it hurt?"
The leather strips of the flogger danced across my skin. There had to be something seriously wrong with me because I wanted him to say yes.
I wanted to say green, more, and we hadn't even begun.
"Sin," he breathed into my ear, "I made you a promise...and I'm a man of my word." His voice darkened. "I'm gonna make you scream."

Sophia Slater is in the perfect position to write the story that will jumpstart her career. She's a new hire at Hush, a BDSM club where the rich and famous can live out their wildest fantasies. Her plan to infiltrate Hush went off without a hitch--until she spends a night with the man in the black mask. 

Desmond O'Connell is still reeling from the loss that inspired him to create Hush in the first place. Attachments are dangerous, and falling for a submissive? Insane. The crazy thing is, he can't help but fall for the one submissive who wants more. Who wants all of him...

This is the second book in The Safeword Series by Ava Claire.