Green - Book Three - Ava Claire

Green - Book Three

By Ava Claire

  • Release Date: 2018-04-25
  • Genre: Contemporary


Sophia Slater has been handed the story of her career--Desmond O'Connell, the billionaire star of 'America's Chef', is the owner of the elite BDSM club Hush. The trouble is, she could care less. But when she reveals her true identity, Desmond wants nothing to do with her.

Desmond O'Connell can't believe that the first woman he trusts with the whole truth has been lying to him all along. She insists that her feelings for him are real, but how can he trust anything she says when it's reveled that she works for the most vicious tabloid in town? 

This is the third book in The Safeword Series by Ava Claire.