Freedom's Battle - Mahatma Gandhi

Freedom's Battle

By Mahatma Gandhi

  • Release Date: 2018-05-09
  • Genre: Asia


Mahatma Gandhi discusses his ongoing campaign for the independence of India from the British Empire, and details how principles of non-violence and non-cooperation can be used to achieve this goal.

Many of Gandhi's principles were developed early in his activism, and reflected in writings. The philosophy of non-violent resistance to the rule of the British are clearly expressed in this book. Gandhi's disdain for the caste system - whereby members of lower castes in India were marginalized and mistreated - is also detailed. He suggests that rather than Indians oppress one another, they turn to the goal of ending the British oppression, that all Indians may be elevated through such efforts. 

Writing in 1922, Gandhi makes frequent references to the political events of the era. World War One was still in recent memory, and the postwar treaties and agreements in Europe and elsewhere are considered important by Gandhi, who notes upheavals ongoing in Turkey and elsewhere. The author's earlier life, wherein he served as a lawyer in South Africa, is also referenced - the help of friends from that nation is gratefully acknowledged. 

Other traits characteristic of Gandhi's activism are also present. A chapter is devoted to stressing the need for unity between Muslim and Hindu Indians; while the vision of 'Swaraj' - a free India prospering without the oversight or influence of the British - is detailed. As early as 1922, Gandhi was concerned with establishing the finer details of an independent India, and confident that his non-violent strategies would succeed.