Our Surprise Family - Paula Cox

Our Surprise Family

By Paula Cox

  • Release Date: 2018-09-24
  • Genre: Suspense


Our Surprise Family is book 3 and the finale of The Damned MC trilogy!

The biker's thickness gave me morning sickness.

I thought I could rescue him from a life of crime.
But the bad boy biker didn't want anything I had to offer.
Instead, he wanted to give me something of his own:
The baby I'm carrying in my belly.

It was my job to talk him out of his way of life.
But Rust was playing me all along.
He didn't want my help.
He just wanted my body.

Now, he's dragging me into an underworld that I'll never survive.
But I can't say no to him.
His touch, his scent, his power…
It's all too much to resist.

I'm a good girl librarian, not a rebel biker chick.
But when I'm on the back of Rust's bike, I feel like the whole world is ours.

I'll be whoever he wants me to be.
His ride or die.
His old lady.
And the mother of his children.

At least, until his enemies come for me and our baby.