Political Spectrum for the Brain Dead - Daniel Whittman

Political Spectrum for the Brain Dead

By Daniel Whittman

  • Release Date: 2009-12-19
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 3
From 65 Ratings


On one end of the spectrum is anarchy. The other end is absolute government control as a dictator. Where are Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Socialists, Greens and Libertarians on the spectrum? The answers may surprise you.


  • Poorly Written

    By Preacher Boys Friend
    There are a few things to note about this article or booklet or whatever you choose to describe it as. The first is that the author of this present a clear libertarian bias throughout the article. This is not to say that it is bad or good, it simply exists. Secondly, the author heavily deviates from the stated intent in the summary. Going into this I expected to see written summaries of some of the major political ideologies and there relative locations on the political spectrum. I found that this was not the case and that the information provided was not informative and lacking in general. I will give the author credit that he does hold a certain view and fiercely advocates for his position in he piece. Overall (Too Long Didn’t Read Section): Author presents a well written but very biased piece. Don’t expect this piece to be a summary of political ideologies for the general population.
  • F grade

    By Azad NY
    No basis or facts to back the opinions of this high school essay.
  • Freedom or Dictatorship

    By Beth Kaplan
    I bought this book out of curiosity, actually. But having read it, I find it very instructive - and it also told me something I've suspected for a long time. I'll leave you to guess what that might be... As you might surmise, though, I'd much rather spend the rest of my life in freedom with the Libertarian Party. I've already had a long experience that taught me the value of freedom.
  • What

    By xDanny14
    Even as a registered libertarian, this was very biased. This wasn't even a book, it was a few paragraph?
  • so so

    By !!RUNT!!
    the book made alot of claims yet they were backed up with evidence more elaboration would have been nice.
  • Why'd I read this

    By Political junkie- bored
    This is garbage. There is no thought behind this piece and no facts to back up any of the authors claims. The author really needs to reconsider the implications of what he wants to create.
  • Do not waste your time

    By C Moff
    Right wing propaganda
  • Great short read

    By TetsTheBest
    Interesting read during a short break at work. I enjoyed the different view points of the author! Good stuff
  • Are you kidding me?

    By Brent Bursett
    This book does not even being to explain government.... Made me more braindead.
  • Seriously?

    By egan
    I'm a devout Libertarian and this essay is disgusting and wrong on too many levels to count. For starters, the far right is not anarchy, it would fascism or it's many subsets such as Nazism. The far left is not a monarchy, it would communism or marxism. The Libertarian party does not endorse ideals such as no gun laws, of course there needs some restrictions. You can't have some man just walk in and buy a gun and then immediately start spree killing. This is just more Obama USSR crap. I hate Obama, I don't approve of his leadership, his policies, or his demeanor, but anyone who thinks Obama is going to turn us into a Communist state is flat out stupid. The system we currently have in place apposes radical change for a reason, so the bade values could remain the same. Plus, I'd like to see a president with a below 50% approval rating successfully gain public support for a brutal marxist take down. This essay is a sad piece of fiction that in know way represents the Libertarian's party ideals or the ideals of any sane individual.