Edison's Very Rudimentary Explanation of Quantum Mechanics: Where Science and Spirituality Begin to Meet - Elias Rafferton

Edison's Very Rudimentary Explanation of Quantum Mechanics: Where Science and Spirituality Begin to Meet

By Elias Rafferton

  • Release Date: 2011-04-17
  • Genre: Physics
Score: 3.5
From 138 Ratings


Edison's Very Rudimentary Explanation of Quantum Physics, and how these principles apply to us... who are the "quantum units" of God.


  • Amazing!!

    By Bmore4jesus
    I think I know an atomic partial of what quantum means now. I tend to think this abstractly about God and man also, and it was refreshing to see the possibilities here...bravo!😳
  • Not what I wanted

    By Rae k
    I personally couldn't careless about the person "narrating" per say. I didn't read this book to hear his opinion, I read this book to hear the authors opinion. I am not reading a book like this to view smiley faces in the middle of sentences and whole paragraphs of nonsense put in to parenthesis. I'm also not reading this to have it start off saying he wasn't happy because Edison didn't touch on spirituality, if you weren't happy don't post the book. Clearly this persons lack of education as he states towards the end effected the quality of his publishing skills. If someone could tell me where to find the actual book from Edison with out smiley faces that would be awesome!
  • Loved it

    By QuantumLover
    Short read with 28 pages . Couldn't put it down. It was nice to have some speak my Quantum language.
  • Terrible Book.

    By SuperBigChug
    If you download this book, be prepared to find vague and childish explanations, and mostly of all a terrible tie-in for religion. If you are looking for science, look elsewhere.
  • Crackpot

    By Quantum
    Written by a crank.
  • The coolest this I've ever read.

    By Pokemon trainer Andrew
    Not kidding, like for real that was EVERYTHING I wanted to hear! And now that I think about it this book might explain why... Well anyway, this book is awesome its a must read! And when I say "must read" i don't mean "wow this book is AWESOME!" I mean " YOU SIMPLY MUST READ THIS!!!!!" It's cool how spiritual stuff effects physical stuff, so there is a logical reason why praying works!
  • Stupid

    By Starbuckkt
    This is not a very good book. It goes into that whole ridiculous pop psychology crap of sending vibrations out into the universe to change things. I was looking for a serious introduction to quantum mechanics and instead got a badly written joke. Well it was free though so I suppose I can't complain too much!
  • Waste of time, even if free

    By Thor (Hammer of God)
    I too fell pray to the name bit - I was quite excited to see Thomas Edison sharing thoughts on Quantum Mechanics since I had no idea he dabbled in such things. Instead I get this "Edison Thomas'" babbling, incoherent collection of misconceptions and simply incorrect conclusions. It shouldn't be an "explanation," it should be an "opinion of something not understood while under the influence." The problem is anyone who doesn't know anything about QM will walk away falsely educated.
  • A nice light introduction to profound ideas

    By DjJohnnyk
    Thanks for sharing both your thoughts and your passion, I have been thinking about this all year and its great to see you collapse some of it into words :)
  • Good interpretation

    By zatnuviz
    A good approach to quantum physics. It's good for a fresh start but needs more examples if it is mean to be an introduction to a course. Well done :D