Eureka: A Prose Poem - Edgar Allan Poe

Eureka: A Prose Poem

By Edgar Allan Poe

  • Release Date: 1848-12-31
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
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This book is a lengthy non-fiction work which was subtitled A Prose Poem, though it has also been subtitled as An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe. Adapted from a lecture he had presented, Eureka describes Poe's intuitive conception of the nature of the universe with no scientific work done to reach his conclusions. He also discusses man's relationship with God, whom he compares to an author.


  • Eureka

    By Dingle-125
    This bizarre pseudoscientific work by a Mr. E. A. Poe, hitherto unknown in scientific circles, offers astonishing and prescient insights into modern cosmology -- the Big Bang out of a point-like singularity, innumerable galaxies beyond the Milky Way, invisible super-massive stabilizing bodies at their centers, galaxy clusters, clusters of clusters, the coming Big Crunch, an infinitely pulsing universe of Bangs in alternation with Crunches, each cycle authoring new physical laws -- embedded in a sea of often impenetrable nonsense. Mr. Poe is neither scientist nor mathematician (a fact of which he is gloriously oblivious), can't tell a proof from a hacksaw, but flourishes a most vivid, singular, and on occasion reliable imagination together with keen powers of ratiocination (while wanting nothing by way of hubris), qualities that should serve him well in the more forgiving world of letters.
  • Book

    By Loregmz
    Un libro realmente sensasional