Wheel of Wisdom: The Whole-brain Creative Thinking Game - Peter Harris

Wheel of Wisdom: The Whole-brain Creative Thinking Game

By Peter Harris

  • Release Date: 2013-02-12
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Has the world lost its marbles? Well, don’t lose yours! Use the Wheel of Wisdom to ‘Think Full Circle’ and solve any problem a mad world can throw at you!

Download the free gameboard and use it to create ideas and solve problems. It ‘patterns’ your mind for amazingly clear, balanced whole-brain thinking.

Take turns to ‘be’ Love and listening, Beauty and creativity, Truth and reasoning, and Freedom and application. You will have new insights into your own natural way of thinking, and a new appreciation of those infuriating types who approach things so differently! Playing Wheel of Wisdom shows how every type is needed for your whole ‘Tree of Life’ - your ‘Eutopia’ or Good Place - to grow and flourish.

Each player plays one of the four sectors of the Tree and ‘champions’ that particular phase of idea-processing - at three main levels: Physical, Social, and Mental. By focusing on each phase and level in turn, the four champions evolve solutions step by step, together - and open up whole new realms of ideas, possibly beyond their wildest dreams!

Playing solo or in pairs: the same cycle, just move around the Wheel, taking each role in turn.

Dare to sit around the Tree of Life, spin the Wheel of Wisdom, and Think Full Circle!