The Disaster Artist - Greg Sestero

The Disaster Artist

By Greg Sestero

  • Release Date: 2013-10-01
  • Genre: Social Science
Score: 5
From 552 Ratings


New York Times bestseller—now a major motion picture directed by and starring James Franco!

From the actor who somehow lived through it all, a “sharply detailed…funny book about a cinematic comedy of errors” (The New York Times): the making of the cult film phenomenon The Room.

In 2003, an independent film called The Room—starring and written, produced, and directed by a mysteriously wealthy social misfit named Tommy Wiseau—made its disastrous debut in Los Angeles. Described by one reviewer as “like getting stabbed in the head,” the $6 million film earned a grand total of $1,800 at the box office and closed after two weeks. Years later, it’s an international cult phenomenon, whose legions of fans attend screenings featuring costumes, audience rituals, merchandising, and thousands of plastic spoons.

Hailed by The Huffington Post as “possibly the most important piece of literature ever printed,” The Disaster Artist is the hilarious, behind-the-scenes story of a deliciously awful cinematic phenomenon as well as the story of an odd and inspiring Hollywood friendship. Actor Greg Sestero, Tommy’s costar and longtime best friend, recounts the film’s bizarre journey to infamy, unraveling mysteries for fans (like, who is Steven? And what’s with that hospital on Guerrero Street?)—as well as the most important question: how the hell did a movie this awful ever get made? But more than just a riotously funny story about cinematic hubris, “The Disaster Artist is one of the most honest books about friendship I’ve read in years” (Los Angeles Times).


  • Read it in one weekend and..

    By vinguy023
    I don’t know how to even read! Loved this book. It gives so much heart and insight to an amazing movie.
  • The Disaster Artist

    By pastelbaek
    This book made me see who the incredibly mystifying Tommy Wiseau really was; just a European young boy wanting to change his life and make his dreams come true. While we definitely feel sympathy for Greg and the cast and crew during Wiseau’s meltdowns, we also feel for the young boy who would stop at nothing to have what he wanted. I’ve never heard or seen of anyone else who is completely, 110% their unfiltered self in the way that Wiseau is. Let me be honest; this movie is absolutely terrible. It’s hilarious to watch, but terrible. I’m not criticizing Greg and the other actors and crew, just everything else. Tommy’s insistence on a double camera format, how the dialogue had to be dubbed over, how most of that dialogue is nothing a native English speaker would say. This book was entertaining from start to finish. Wiseau has publicly revealed almost nothing about his personal life, and it’s fun to learn his true (if half fabricated) past. Thanks to Greg for writing this book, and for being friends with someone who truly exemplifies the definition of lonely.
  • Could not put it down

    By F.megiddo
    Well written,very enjoyable!
  • A great novel about the worst film.

    By JesusCuevas685
    If you've seen Tommy Wiseau's The Room, you will be shocked on how true this behind the scenes story is. I admit only about half of the story is about the making of the film. The rest is about Greg's acting career and personal life, and these parts of the story aren't really as entertaining or interesting as the making of The Room but when Tommy gets in the picture you don't know what the expect. I strongly recommend that you watch The Room multiple times, about 3-5, before you dive into The Disaster Artist. The first thing you'll say or think when you finish the book is, "Ha ha ha! What a story Mark." 9/10
  • More than what I expected

    By sammorris
    When I first saw 'The Room' 3 years ago, I was woefully unprepared for just how absurd, chaotic, and technically inept the film would be. Fortunately I was under the influence of both weed and alcohol while watching it, which allowed me to bypass any expectations (and therefore disappointment) and really enjoy the humor only experienced by seeing something miss its target by such a wide margin. When I found out a book had been written to tell the story of how such a tragic artistic mistake had come to fruition, I knew I had to read it. While watching the movie I often wondered what in hell was the auteur thinking? Now it appeared I would get that chance. While Greg Sestero's semi-autobiographical story gave me a lot of the fantastically ridiculous details I was hoping for, I was surprised to find a more human side to the spectacle that was Tommy Wiseau. The tale of a cinematic calamity was instead a study of a complex and at times tragic soul who was so cruelly treated by the world that he had to create his own planet in his head just to survive. Kudos to Sestero for a great telling of his own difficult life as an actor, a strange but meaningful friendship with the sad yet forcefully optimistic Bird-man, and the creation of a movie so gloriously bad, it's wonderful.

    By Z.R.O.
    I love B movies, and The Room is one of my favorites. When I saw a book existed about the film my curiosity peaked; however, I did not expect this book. The Disaster Artist is a fascinating look into acting, following your dreams and characters larger than life that you come to love and hate at the same time. I can't recommend it enough as long as you have watched The Room at least once.
  • Hillarious

    By Chubbyfunster8679
    Watch the movie then read the book!!
  • If You Don't Like It, Keep Your Stupid Comments In Your Pocket!

    By Levanger
    My niece and I found "The Room" on Vimeo quite by accident...our reactions ran the teeny gamut of baffled and confused to baffled and (highly) amused. The "dialogue" and quotes are just freakin' GOLD. You can't even call it a movie...I'm not sure what to call it, but after watching it we HAD to find out how this thing was ever made and who in the hell was behind it! So I found this book, written by the "line producer" Mark who also "acts" in What a great story! (as Tommy would say). The book is well-written and I give major kudos to Mark for seeing it through. Do what I did and watch "The Room" first, read the book, then go back and watch it again. A-hahahahaha.
  • Amazing!

    By BiancaMF
    This book is absolutely fantastic! If you love the movie you’ll love this book. You’ll laugh every chapter. What I truly appriciate about it, is that this is more than just your regular behind the scenes look. Greg takes you through his journey of fulfilling his dream. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
  • Witty and insightful

    By Fox-tooth
    Explains the history of "The Room" without lessening its bizarre mystique; in fact it deepens the bizarreness and mystery somewhat. A front-row seat to the production of perhaps the weirdest movie in history.